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For many Brits, Barbados is the first thing that comes into their mind when they consider a Caribbean holiday. The island may be known as the "little England of the Caribbean", but there's far more things Caribbean than English here. There's plenty of direct flights from UK, a host of lovely beaches, some decent nightlife and many upmarket hotels and resorts in Barbados.

Best Beaches - Which Coast to Stay On?

The beaches on the East Coast are wide and windswept - this is the region where the surfers head, and the sea can be rough at times. The South and West coasts of the island are calmer, and here one can walk for many miles along wonderful white sand beaches. The West coast is the calmest of the two, while the South coast is the more livlier of the two and is more heavily developed with holiday resorts. Northern Barbados is more characterised by cliffs, though there is the occasional sheltered cove as well as plenty of lovely coastal walks and dramatic views.

"The Crane" is one of Barbados' most beautiful beaches, and is often cited in "top 10" lists of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Accra beach is found on the South Coast - it's one of Barbados' longest and prettiest beaches, but often is quite busy with fellow holidaymakers.

Things to Do in Barbados

In reality, Barbados is all about a beach holiday. However, it's a very big island, and there's plenty of extra holiday activities both man made and natural. You could visit old stately plantations dating back to the days when the sugar trade was Barbados' primary industry. There's also some good hiking offered on the island, but from a personal point of view, I'd recommend getting a 4WD hire car and ragging it around the inland dirt tracks and banana and sugar plantations that are all over the island.

Barbados has a typically Caribbean feel to it and some of the Caribbean's best beaches too.

Beach in Barbados
Barbados' beaches are the reason most take a holiday here - this is Crane beach. - travel guide to the Caribbean Islands - All rights reserved.