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Business class flights are undoubtedly expensive. Common folk are subjected to the humiliation of walking past those massive seats on their way to the "cattle class" when they board a flight. Booking "Premium economy" seats is a short-cut - you only get a little extra space. Use these tips to get upgraded to business class for free:

1. Get a frequent flyer number. If you don't have a frequent flyer number, you've very little chance of getting a business upgrade.

2. Book with airlines that regularly overbook their flights. In reality, all airlines overbook flights, but some overbook flights much more often than others eg. Iberia.

3. Book your flight as a single traveller. Even if you're travelling with others, book your flight tickets separately. If a flight is overbooked, the airline will need to upgrade certain passengers - single passengers with frequent flyer numbers are those that are chosen for the upgrades. It's often automated by the airlines computer systems.

4. Dress smartly, smile and politely ask at check in if they feel like giving you a free upgrade to business class.

5. If you find yourself still in economy class after take -off, the best course of action to blag a free business class upgrade is as follows. Stick your knee into the aisle and doze off. Wait for the trolley to come pass and inevitably whack you in the knee - yelp in pain when it hits. A few minutes later, press the button to call the airline staff and explain that you need an ice pack because you've recently had an operation on your knee (or whatever). When the ice-pack has melted, explain to the stewards that you're still in agonising pain, and that your physio instructed you to keep your leg straight if any pain re-occured after the operation. Ask the airline stewards if there is anyone willing to give up a leg room seat. With any luck, they'll just move you to business class for the rest of the flight. Research suggests that this approach, if carried out correctly, has a success rate of over 50%.

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