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Brazil's Beaches: Recife to Salvador

The coastline of Brazil between Recife and Salvador has less beach resorts and fishing villages than the coastline further north. There's fast developing beach resorts such as Porto de Galinhas, in addition to popular beaches in the suburbs of Aracuja, as well as some less visited regions along the coast.

Brazil's Beaches & Resorts: South from Recife

Some of Pernambuco states best beaches are found just to the South of Recife. The first resort one encounters on this stretch of Brazil's coastline is Gaibu, 30 km south of Recife. There's a few small pousadas and hotels, as well as cheap restaurants. Gaibu has a ruined fort that can be explored, and other nearby fine beaches just outside of town at Praia Calhetas and Itapuama, both of which are quite empty.

Porto de Galinhas

One of the most frequently visited and beautiful beach resorts along this section of Brazil's coast is that of Porto de Galinhas, which lies 60km South of Recife. Development is proceeding rapidly, and soon this could be one of Brazil's largest resort towns. There are numerous luxury resorts stretching along the coastline both North and South of Porto de Galinhas, and the town itself is characterised by numerous shops, restaurants and bars.I f you want to head away from the crowds, the beach resorts to the South are less busy - such as Barra do Sirinhaem, Tamandare and Sao Jose da Coroa Grande, all of which have a few hotels.

Travelling South to Maceio

Travelling further South from Porto de Galinhas, there's a few low key beach resorts before Maceio, which is capital of the state of Alagoas. Highlights along this coastal road include Barra de Santo Antonio, a fishing village with a palm fringed beach, plus other nearby beautiful beaches near the village of Santa Luzia, including Sonho Verde and Tabuba. Further South, and just 30 minutes travel from Maceio, is the beach of Paripueira. Maceio itself has little of interest to visitors (other than the airport), but it's northern suburbs have some great beaches - these are some of the most popular in Brazil, and hence quite busy. Many of Maceio's beaches are excellent for surfing.

Beaches around Aracaju

Travelling south from Maceio towards Salvador, there's fewer beaches of interest along the coast. Aracaju is a major town (with airport) a distance down the coast with a few beaches nearby, in addition to the old colonial towns of Sao Cristovao and Estancia, both of which make an interesting stop just south of Aracaju. Of more interest for those seeking a Brazil beach vacation are the resorts around Salvador.

Beaches near Recife
Beaches near Recife, Brazil.

Porto de Galinhas
Porto de Galinhas Beach

Salvador, Brazil
Salvador's beaches - a little more crowded. Brazil travel guides, vacation advice and travel tips - All rights reserved.