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Easter Island

Known as Rapa Nui locally, Easter Island is indeed one of Chile's legendary travel highlights. The remote Pacific island is covered with 600 mysterious, giant, stone carved statues. To travel to Easter Island, it's a long 5 hour flight from Chile's capital Santiago. Don't visit Easter Island expecting beaches (they are not worth it - better to fly to Florianopolis in Southern Brazil) - this will be a highly cultural tour to Chile that is rich in history.

You'll need at least two full days on Easter Island to make the most of your trip as there are so many interesting sites to visit. It's common to book an all inclusive 3 or 4 night package including the LAN flights to and from Santiago (note that many flights continue on to Papeete in Tahiti). The best hotel in Easter Island is the luxury Explora en Rapa Nui. Other more affordable hotels include the O'Tai, Hanga Roa, Taha Tai and Taura'a.

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Easter Island Statues
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