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Colombia has traditionally been a backpacker holiday destination, but with the security situation having improved dramatically in recent years, it is now entering the frame as a mainstream vacation destination. Colombia has it all in terms of vacation potential: fantastic Caribbean beaches, beautiful colonial cities, dramatic mountainous landscapes, fascinating ancient ruins and the most friendly of all local people in Latin America.

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Highlights of Colombia Vacations

The cosmopolitan capital city of Colombia, Bogota, has great nightlife and the un-missable gold museum. Four hours by car from Bogota lies Villa de Leiva, a pretty old colonial town. Medellin is considered by many to be one of the prettiest modern cities in Latin America and is a good base for excursions into the Antioquian countryside. Colombia's coffee country is nearby with beautiful landscapes making a fascinating place in which to experience Colombian culture. To the south of the country lies some virgin rainforest with excellent jungle lodges in the region of Leticia, from where it's three days downriver into Brazil.

Cartagena is Colombia's real highlight when on vacation. Though it's normally very hot, this is one of Latin America's most beautiful colonial cities. Don't miss the nearby Rosario Islands which provide an idylic beach holiday destination. Further along the Caribbean coast lies the Tayrona National Park, which has some of the most beautiful, picture perfect and empty beaches in the world. Near Tayrona National Park is Santa Marta, a beach destination popular with Colombian tourists. Taganga is a more relaxing place in which to chill out or maybe take a scuba diving course. The legendary Ciudad Perdida Trek is a gruelling though rewarding 5 day trek to magnificient ruins, though this area does have some local security concerns.

In addition to mainland Colombia's Caribbean coast, further afield lie the islands of San Andres and Providencia, which both make for a very laid back beach holiday.

Park Tayrona Colombia:
Tayrona National Park Colombia
Tayrona National Park Beaches in Colombia.

Tayrona Park's beaches:
Colobia Beaches at Tayrona Park
Beaches of Colombia at Tayrona.

Rosario Islands Colombia:
Rosario Islands Colombia
Rosario Islands (Islas del Rosario) in Colombia.

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