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South America Travel Guide

Use our destination guides to plan your vacation. Our destination guides are constantly expanding - if you don't see your preferred holiday destination detailed, please check back in the future. You'll find hotel reviews and general travel tips and advice:

Latin America:

Antarctica - cruises, fearless wildlife and spectacular scenery.
Argentina & Iguassu Falls: Brazil & Argentina - beautiful landscapes, cosmopolitan cities, trekking and wine tours.
Belize - Beaches, diving, rainforest and Mayna ruins travel destination.
Brazil & Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - rainforest, waterfalls, beaches, culture, Samba and wildlife holidays.
Carribean Islands - all about beach resorts.
Colombia - beaches, colonial towns, modern cities, rainforest tours, diving, culture, ruins, the friendliest people and large parts are safe.
Chile - beautiful landscapes and trekking holidays.
Costa Rica - rainforests, volcanoes, surfing and beaches.
Cuba - colonial towns, culture and beaches.
Ecuador - colonial cities, markets, volcanoes and rainforest tours.
Galapagos Islands - fearless wildlife, luxury cruises and great beaches.
Guatemala - colonial cities, highland markets and Mayan ruins.
Honduras - diving, beaches and culture.
Mexico - culture, ruins, beaches and colonial cities.
Jamaica - beaches and friendly locals.
Panama - great beaches, the Panama Canal & rainforests.
Peru & Machu Picchu - Inca ruins, Andean culture, beautiful lakes and rainforest tours.
Venezuela - beaches, trekking, wildlife and the highest waterfall in the world.

North America:

New York - Times Square, the Empire State building, the Statue of liberty and more New York travel tips.
Las Vegas - casinos and luxury hotels in the desert city.
Niagara Falls - splendid waterfalls in USA.
Grand Canyon - one of USA's most visited tourism attractions.
Yosemite Park - a beautiful National Park perfect for outdoor activities in USA.
Hawaii - great beaches and surfing in the Pacific.


London - Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, etc...
Paris - Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower & the Versailles Palace.
Venice - romantic vacations amidst beautiful canals in Italy.
Pompeii - ancient ruins and istory in Italy.
St Petersburg - a fascinating city in Russia.


Egypt - ancient civilisation tours and luxury beach resorts.
Morocco - Medieval cities and beach resorts.
Seychelles - beach holidays perfect for a honeymoon.
Mauritius - more beach holidays perfect for a honeymoon.
Tenerife - beach holidays all year round.

Asia & Australasia:

Australia - hip cities, outback safaris, diving and great beaches.
Vietnam - fascinating culture, beautiful rural landscapes and dramatic beaches.
Maldives - the ultimate honeymoon destination.
Taj Mahal - a majestic palace in India.
Beijing - the forbidden City and elsewhere in Beijing.
Great Wall of China - a legendary wall full of history.


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