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Amazonat Ecolodges, Brazil

Name of Lodge or Ecotourism Project: Amazonat Ecolodges - Amazonat Jungle Lodge; Jane's Place Jungle Survival Camp and Amazonat River Lodge.

Location: A private nature reserve located 160km east of the city of Manaus, State of Amazonas, Brazil. Roughly 2 hours by car or 7 hours by boat from Manaus.


Year Established: 1997

Tourism activities: Amazon jungle treks and survival skills; Amazon jungle night treks; overnight jungle stays; Amazon river tours including dolphin and alligator spotting, bird watching and wildlife viewing; blackwater river tours with visits to igapo (flooded) rainforests, beach barbecue and swimming; visits to local villages and possibility of staying overnight with a local Brazilian family; visits to local manioc, pineapple or guarana plantations; visit to the "Meeting of the Waters" near Manaus, a location where the murky whitewater Solimoes River meets the clear blackwater Negro River to form the Amazon River in Brazil.

Ecolodge / Accommodation details: Amazonat Jungle Lodge - is located in a clearing of a terra firme Amazon rainforest and offers many amenities such as extensive marked walking trails, orchid and fruit tree gardens, pool and natural freshwater lake and beach, among others. It has 9 cabins with 18 standard and deluxe rooms. Family rooms can fit a family of four. Jane's Place - is located in the middle of the primary Amazon rainforest. Guests can have lunch here or spend the night and experience the jungle at night. Up to 16 guests can stay here in hammocks. Amazonat River Lodge - for those who want to "rough it" in style, the river lodge offers 8 deluxe rooms and 2 honeymoon suites. It floats on the banks of the blackwater Urubu River where visitors can enjoy the river ecosystems very different than those of the rainforest.

Responsible tourism practices. How is impact upon Brazil's local environment minimized?: Amazonat is founded on ecotourism principles. By teaching both visitors and locals about the value of maintaining the Amazon rainforest, they hope to teach and implement sustainable practices and preserve this unique part of Brazil's Amazon rainforest. Amazonat is fully constructed with FSC materials; energy is generated by environmentally friendly generators in combination with solar water heating systems and ecoline lamps. They have their own water source with an integrated distribution system. Wastewater is purified with resulting water quality approved for release into the environment. Organic waste is used for compost and used in our gardens and orchards. No harsh chemicals or pesticides are used. All tours have a maximum of 8 persons and only 2 groups are allowed in the terra firma rainforest per day to minimize wear and tear of the environment. Tour guides are taught to show the rainforest and its inhabitants in a non-destructive way. The goal of our 5000 hectare/12,355 acre private reserve with an additional 5000 hectares in reclamation is to protect this part of Brazil's Amazon from exploitation.

How is the local community involved?: Amazonat provides medicines, school supplies and mechanical help to a nearby village. Amazonat supports nearby communities cultivating pineapple and other local fruit. Almost all staff comes from the surrounding communities and our produce is purchased locally.

Does the presence of ecotourism leave a positive impact upon Brazil's local environment and community? If so, how?: Amazonat is affliiated with PIATAM and is a center for research and educational programs. PIATAM is currently running a series of programs educating local residents as to the importance of conservation of the Amazon and providing them skills to support themselves working in ecotourism. Assistant tour guides are being taught English so they are able to provide this service to visitors and have better job prospects for themselves. Amazonat also works with the Kronendak foundation in the Netherlands to provide students from several Dutch universities the opportunity to do tropical rainforest research designed for masters and doctorate degrees. Amazonat ecolodges also provide technical backup for the rehabilitation project initiated by FUNAI in 2004 for a Satare Mauwe tribe in a location close to the River Lodge. Amazonat also cooperates closely with INPA (National Institute for Amazon Research).

Who owns the lodging facilities (ecolodge)? Is it communally, or individually owned?: Privately owned.

Further information: Volunteer opportunities are available. See website for details of volunteer work in Brazil's Amazon rainforest. Amazonat was selected by Ecoclub as one of only 36 "genuine jungle lodges" in the world.

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Amazonat, Brazil:
Brazil's Amazon Rainforest Ecolodge
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