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Honduras is a Central American country that still sees few visitors, but for those wanting to get off the beaten track on vacation, it offers plenty. There's great beaches and cheap diving, colonial cities to explore, Mayan ruins and great hiking.

Honduras flights are generally to the capital Tegucigalpa, or to San Pedro Sula on the Caribbean coast. Tegucigalpa has little to offer tourists, who might want to quickly travel onwards. The Mayan ruins at Coban are some of the best in Central America. Horseriding and birdwatching are popular vacation activites in the area of Coban. There are beautiful National Parks offering rainforest tours and rafting, one of the most luxurious lodges in Honduras being Pico Bonito. One can catch a flight from San Pedro Sula to Roatan, a Caribbean paradise for snorkelling and scuba diving holidays.'s Honduras Travel Guide Honduras hotels and travel guide - All rights reserved.

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