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It's a place of dreams. Countless couples have taken honeymoons or romantic vacations in the Maldives, and they keep coming back. The beaches and tiny islets fulfil almost all expectations of what a tropical island paradise really should feel like. The Maldives are an immensely relaxing, exquisite holiday destination - but as they'll be some of the first islands to disappear with the rising sea levels, you really should visit now before it's too late.

Choosing an Island or Resort

In total the Maldives have some 1200 islands that range from miniature atolls to larger populated hubs. In total, approximately 200 islands are inhabited, with a further 80 or so islands containing only luxury resorts. How should you select an island, or more importantly a hotel, for your vacation? Essentially it's very often a case of what you pay for is what you get - if you've got the cash, do splash out for a truely amazing holiday.

Almost all options are all inclusive. Many of the best resorts in the Maldives are on their own private island - hence an overwhelming feeling of seclusion at most of them. As most are essentially private island resorts, the smaller the resort, the more exclusive, and expensive, it is likely to be. If it's not a private island, pay close attention to the other resorts that are present - how big are they compared to the island and what's the cost of them? Try to gauge an understanding of how many others will be sharing the island at the same time as you - the less the better of course (in most cases).

If you're into scuba diving, some resorts in the Maldives will specialize in this. Likewise watch out for the family holiday resorts - screaming kids running around a pool aren't suitable for a honeymoon. Tell tale signs of a family resort are the fact that they are normally the largest, have multiple restaurants, and most are found on the island of Kaafu.

A winning sign when choosing a resort is if they have a private beach. Remember that the over the water bungalows may look fantastic, but many find them impractical and not so private.

Getting There & Flights Advice

You won't be arriving by boat to the islands - everyone arrives by flights to the main international airport on Malé. There's regular flights from India, Sri Lanka, Dubai and other destinations in South East Asia such as Bangkok and Singapore. There's also an increasingly large number of direct and charter flights from Europe to the Maldives - check with your local travel agents for up to the date, seasonally variable schedules.

Once you've arrived in the Maldives, you can access various islands by either small planes or boats / luxury yachts. Trans Maldivian Airways & Maldivian Air Taxi are the main operators on domestic flights in the Maldives.

Maldives Weather Information

It's tropical all year round -so that means plenty of sunshine, and high temperatures, but there's always a slight risk of a short lived torrential downpour. The monsoon season of April to October can see plenty of rainy weather - especially the months of June to August. The weather essentially means that the Maldives is the perfect holiday destination during the North hemisphere's winter months.

Maldives Photos:
Maldives - Know where to go.
The Maldives Islands beaches are quite splendid. Kaafu is biggest island, followed by Alifu and Seenu. Head for the more remote islands for the least busy (empty) beaches.

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