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  • Huatulco

    Found amid nine scenic mountain backed bays, Huatulco is a pleasant and picturesque purpose built beach resort that is far smaller and more tranquil than many others on Mexico's Pacific coast. It's a good place to get away from things - a peaceful resort with plenty of opportunities for indulgence and luxury. Just as Cancun was developed as a beach resort in the 1980's so was Huatulco - however development was limited to buildings of no more than 4 storeys here, and large areas of land were left untouched as ecological reserves. Four of Huatulco's 9 bays are protected areas, where no development is permitted - they remain almost virgin in nature. Compared to other resorts in Mexico, Huatulco seems very spacious indeed. It also feels less artificial, and is upmarket without being too expensive. Nightlife is also limited compared to other options along this coast - for a party vacation it's best to travel elsewhere.

    Huatulco is now an up and coming package holiday destination, though the vast majority of tourists are Mexican rather than foreign. There's a great number of lovely beaches very close by - over 30 beaches in total, many of which remain untouched by development. The area is rarely crowded or feels too busy - a real rarity on Mexico's Pacific coast.

    Activities are centred around Huatulco's peaceful beaches. A great way to explore the area and orientate oneself is to take a cruise day trip soon after you arrive. The mountainous and rainforested area inland also offers opportunities for hiking and adventure tourism.

    Huatulco is divided into three distinct zones - Crucecita, Santa Cruz and Tangolunda. Tangolunda is the most developed of the three. Further afield, the colonial city of Oaxaca is one of Mexico's most beautiful, and is the ideal place to combine with a vacation to Huatulco.

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