Monasterio Hotel, Cuzco, Peru

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The Monasterio hotel in Cuzco is the most famous hotel in town. Oozing in atmosphere, this converted Monastery has for years been an essential stopping point for visitors to Peru.

Located in the heart of Cuzco, the Monasterio hotel is 3400 metres above sea level in the Peru's Andes. Just 20 minutes from Cuzco Airport, this is the most famous hotel in Cuzco, and one of the best hotels in all of Peru. The hotel is the perfect base to make a trip to Machu Picchu, the most famous Inca ruins in Peru.

The 16th century monastery with wonderfully unique features serves as a museum hotel.  Built in 1592 on old Inca ruins, the Monasterio Hotel has 106 rooms and 18 suites. Furnishings are typically colonial, and most rooms are oxygenated to counteract any altitude sickness that visitors might have.

Overall, the Monasterio is the best place to stay in Cuzco. Just be aware that the standard rooms are quite small - our advice is to book a deluxe room, or even a junior suite.

Other Hotels in Cuzco

Cuzco is choc a bloc with many lovely colonial hotels. All over this ancient Incan city you'll find lovely hotels to choose from. The closer you are to Cuzco's central plaza the better, as this is where most of the "action" happens. North of Cuzco's plaza is a lovely peaceful area to find a hotel - to the South it's a little busier and noisier. For backpackers, you'll find a range of hostals in Cuzco to choose from - the options are endless for all types of visitors to Peru!

Those travelling on from Cuzco to hike the Inca Trail or visit Machu Picchu should definately consider staying for a night or two in Peru's Sacred Valley en route - there's many different places to pick from.

Peru's finest hotels:
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Monasterio Hotel (Cuzco)
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Cuzco - people of Peru
The indigenous Peruvian people of Cuzco & the Sacred Valley continue to dress traditionally.

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