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Morocco Travel

Travel to Morocco to experience a holiday in a country very rich in culture, with spectacular landscapes to tour and explore such as the Sahara desert and Atlas mountains, fascinating old towns to admire and some great beaches popular for surfing or chill-out vacations. There are plenty of cheap flights to Morocco, and also some excellent luxury hotels for once you arrive. To book hotels in Morocco, has a good selection an excellent prices.

Travel Highlights: Cities

There is plenty to see and things to do on holidays. Cheap flights to Casablanca mean that this is often the starting point of a holiday. Casablanca is a modern seaside town with a historical old town and the second largest mosque that is worthy of a visit. Fez used to be the capital of Morocco, and is a fascinating medieval town to tour and explore. Tour the souqs and medinas of the real travel highlight of Marrakesh. Rabat is now the capital of Morocco and is a relaxing city to explore with some excellent luxury hotels. Tangiers is a historical town in northern Morocco - many tourists travel by ferry from Spain to Tangiers, to where you might also catch a cheap flight. Ouarzazate is an ancient city worth touring in the south.

Travel Highlights: Beaches

Morocco has some great beaches good for either surfing or a simply relaxing vacation. Agadir is a major beach resort, and has some excellent resorts and five star luxury hotels. Essaouira, an ancient seaside town, is not far from Marrakech as is another popular beach resort, which can get crowded from June to September. Tetouan is in Northern Morocco and has some good beaches in addition to easy access to the Rif Mountains, which a excellent for trekking holidays.

Morocco's Landscape Tours

The sahara desert is beautiful and bleak - tour the Sahara by camel from Merzouga or M'Hamid. Rissani is a pleasant oasis town on the edge of the Sahara. Amizmiz, in the high Atlas mountains, is just an hours travel from Marrakech and has one of the largest Berber souks (markets) every Tuesday. Mamounia is a great nearby hotel. Asni is a perfect base for trekking vacations into the High Atlas Mountains. The whitewashed mountain town of Chefchaouen provides and interesting contrast from the nearby Tangiers (one hours travel away).

Belly dancers in Morocco, Casablanca:
Casablanca Morocco
Casablanca in Morocco

Marrakech Morocco
Marrakech in Morocco makes interesting holidays.

Beaches at Agadir:
Agadir is good for beaches in Morocco All rights reserved.

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