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Panama Travel Guide

Many are saying that Panama is the "new" or "hot" destination to visit in Latin America. Panama certainly has plenty to offer. The Panama canal, an outstanding engineering feat, makes a great day trip from Panama City. There is also beautiful countryside to explore, rainforests and wildlife vacations and some truely unique beaches to discover.

Panama's beaches

Panama has some fantastic beaches on both the Caribbean and Pacific coasts. Following the real estate boom in neighbouring Costa Rica, investors are increasingly attracted by Panama's beaches (and the country's very stable government). Bocas Del Toro is a laid back small town with a host of offshore islands, most of which remain empty and unspoilt for the moment. Also on the Caribbean coast, the San Blas Islands are an autonomous region governed by the indigenous Kuna Indians, who live in a paradise of small undeveloped islands. A visit to the San Blas islands is highly memorable - not just for the beauty of the area, but also for the friendliness of the local Kuna Indians.

In addition to numerous beach resorts a short drive from Panama City, the Pacific coast offers the beautifully idyllic Pearl Islands, just a short flight from Panama City. The islands remain relatively undiscovered - this is where the "Survivor" series was filmed. Further west, the Azuero peninsula has a less visited but equally beautiful coastline, with plenty of rural villages to visit in addition to it's remarkably undeveloped, wonderful beaches. Further West along the Pacific Coast is the surfing hotspot of Santa Catalina, and the nearby prison Island of Coiba, one of Panama's best scuba diving and snorkelling travel destinations.

Tours of Panama's mainland

A cruise of the Panama Canal is a real highlight, alternatively one can easily visit the Miraflores docks on a day trip. There's also some fine rainforest lodges just outside of Panama City.

Panama has various fascinating highland towns that offer fantastic opportunities for outdoor activities, hiking or simply marvelling at the scenery. Consider visiting El Valle de Anton, a town in a volcanic crater a couple of hours from Panama City. In the west of Panama, Boquete is an equally appealing destination in the Chiquiri highlands near the extinct Volcan Baru.

Throughout Panama there's numerous rainforest lodges and jungle tours available. Head East to the Darien National Park to hit the most remote regions - in addition to the rainforest and wildlife opportunitines, there's many remote indigenous villages and beaches to explore in addition.

Bocas del Toro, Panama:
Bocas del Toro, Panama
Panama's beaches at bocas del Toro.

San Blas Islands:
San Blas Islands, Panama
Kuna Indians of the San Blas Islands.

The Panama Canal:
Panama Canal
Panama Canal, near Panama City.

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