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Nazca Lines

Peru's world famous Nazca lines are intriguing and shrowded in mystery. Their reputation is so great that it might be a contributing factor to the fact that many travellers leave a little dissapointed by the experience. Nonetheless, the Nazca lines are one of Peru's travel highlights, and well worth a visit, especially for those who seek alternative travel attractions.

Just north of the town of Nazca, the lines are found etched in the desert. There are numerous huge figures such as those of dogs, spiders, monkeys and birds. The lines are best seen from the air (there are numerous airlines and tour operators in town offering cheap flights over the Nazca lines) though there are also numerous viewing platforms. It's not fully known who produced the amazing geometric lines, but they are though to date back as far back as 900 BC to the Paracas people.

There are numerous other travel attractions near to Nazca in addition to the lines themselves. There are various mummy-filled cemetries and tombs such as those of Chaucilla, as well as Inca ruins at Paredones , pyramids at Cahuaci and ancient underground aqueducts. 170km South of Nazca is the fishing village of Chala which has some decent beaches and pre-Columbian ruins nearby.

Nazca Lines
The Nazca Lines can even be seen from space - this is an image of a monkey.

Peruvian Tombs near Nazca
There are eerie tombs & Inca Mummies near Nazca that can also be explored. Peru Travel guides and tips - All rights reserved.