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Lake Titicaca, Peru

Lake Titicaca is the highest navigable lake in the world, and borders Bolivia in addition to Peru. It's a beautiful lake on which to take tours amidst dramatic landscape and experience the Andean culture. Lake Titicaca is one of the highlights of vacations to Peru (and Bolivia) and combines well with a visit to Machu Picchu and Cuzco, to where one can travel by train (from Puno). To travel to Lake Titicaca, one can either 1. travel overland via Arequipa and the Colca Canyon; 2. travel by train or bus from Cuzco; 3. Travel overland from La Paz or Bolivia or; 4. catch a flight to the nearest airport at Juliaca, some 40 minutes from the lake itself. The main city on Lake Titicaca is Puno, which is not particularly attractive - we would advise that you book a hotel just outside of Puno on the lakeshore itself.

Lake Titicaca Hotels

Libertador Hotel - the Libertador is probably the best hotel on Lake Titicaca, with 110 rooms and a fantastic position overlooking the lake. Horse-riding tours can also be organised.

Casa Andina Private Collection Hotel: this relatively new hotel offers comfortable accommodation emphasising Peruvian culture and traditions. The hotel is 15 minutes drive outside Puno along the lake and beside the railway line. The Casa Andina Private collection has 45 rooms.

Posada Del Inca Hotel - with 60 rooms, the Posada del Inca hotel is located on the shores of Lake Titicaca, five kilometres from the centre of Puno.

Eco Inn - with 40 rooms, the The Eco Inn hotel is more of a budget hotel, but set in a peaceful and scenic setting, five kilometres from the centre of Puno on the shores of the lake.

Taypikala hotel - another good hotel on the shores of Peru's Lake Titicaca.

Attractions, Tours & Excursions

Uros & Taquile Islands Tours: A 3 hour boat trip from Puno is the remote and tranquil island of Taquile with its amazing views of lake Titicaca. 1500 Quechua-speaking Indians continue to live in this remote community and many still use traditional Incan clothes. From here, continue on to the floating Uros Islands, constructed from layers of reeds by the Uros indians over many centuries.

Sun & Moon Islands Tours: Moon Island is dotted with ancient ruins and tiny villages and is blessed with truly spectacular views and a wealth of Inca history. Here you’ll have a chance to visit the Iñak Uyu Sun Virgins temple, considered to be one of the most important ruins on the lake. Sun Island is, according to legend, is the birth place of the Sun Empire. There is a large temple, fortress and the Inca water springs, which are supposed to be source of eternal youth. Travellers might consider travelling on to Bolivia from here rather than returning to Puno in Peru.

Sillustani Ruins Tours - the ancient burial ground of Sillustani is 30 km from Puno (next to Lake Titicaca). The ancient site lies on top of a small hill overlooking Lake Uyamo, and is most notable for its ‘chullpas’ (funerary towers).

Lake Titicaca:
Lake Titicaca
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