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Tenerife is the main island in the Canary Islands, which is part of Spain, and is a very popular holiday destination with year round warm weather. Every year, Tenerife sees a huge number of visitors, mainly from Britain and Germany, who flock to the volcanic island assisted by the large number of cheap flights available. The range of hotels is impressive: there are the usual cheap package holidays and all inclusive hotels, in addition to some very pleasant quieter boutique hotels.

Holiday Ideas

The beaches of Tenerife are the main reason for spending a holiday on the island. In addition, the impressive Teide Volcano dominates the island's landscape, and the adventuruous might consider climbing it. The volcano can also be visited by cable car. The island has some scenic walks and drives that can be experienced if you hire a car in Tenerife. Masca is a picturesque village in the north of the island and is good for walking holidays. There are fascinating pyramids at Guimar that can also be explored. The island has numerous golf courses giving golf holiday potential. Scuba diving is also a popular activity, though most people visit simply to relax on the beaches. Many tourists, particularly the British, also visit for the year round rowdy nightlife.

Accommodation & Hotels in Tenerife

Most tourists book their Tenerife hotels in the main resort towns of either Los Christianos and Playa de las Americas. The capital is Santa Cruz de Tenerife and is also very geared towards tourism and has a range of cheap hotels. Other popular resorts offering a range of hotels include Golf del Sur, Playa la Arena, Costa del Silencio, Las Caletillas, Los Gigantes and Puerto Santiago.


Tenerife is a volcanic island and as such the natural beaches are of black sand. As the island does not have many natural beaches, many resorts and hotels have built man made white sand beaches to accommodate the huge number of tourists the island sees each year. Some of the best beaches include Los Gigantes, San Juan and Fanabe beach - it's advisable to book a hotel near one of the best beaches, unless you plan on car hire (normally good value, depending upon the season).

Weather Information

Tenerife holidays are all about the great weather! The island is quite exceptional in that it sees perfect beach weather year round, with the south of the island seeing most of the sunshine. Even during winter, temperatures are typically around the 22 Celsius mark. Year round, the weather is rarely rainy. During the summer months, the island can get quite hot but not uncomfortably so. Tenerife's weather means that the island is a year round holiday destination.

Flights to Tenerife

Numerous airlines offer cheap flights to Tenerife, with the cheapest flights being to South Tenerife. Santa Cruz de Tenerife is the main travel hub and most of the best airfares are to there. Occasionally, and normally during the peak holiday season of the summer months, there are bargain charter flights that are often the cheapest way to travel by air to the islands - you could try Thomas Cook or First Choice if flying from the UK, though various other tour operators have cheap deals on flights as well as hotels. Booking the flight in conjunction with a hotel is an effective way to save money for your vacation. Airlines that fly to Tenerife include Aer Lingus, First choice, GB Airways, Iberia and Jet2. It's not limited to just them though, there's a host of other options including JetAirFly, Monarch Airlines, Thomson, Ryanair, EasyJet and TUI.

Holidays on Tenerife's Beaches
Tenerife's Beaches
Some of Tenerife's beaches are black sand, others man made white sand beaches

Off the coast of Africa, this island has fine beaches:
Tenerife Beach Holidays
Tenerife is perfect for a relaxing beach holiday - and the weather is good year round. - Tenerife hotels guide - All rights reserved.

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