Best & Worst Latin American Beers (& Their Adverts!)

What are the finest Latin American beers? Now by no means have I sampled all Latin American beers, but I’d reckon I’ve tried most of them. These are my favourites, and notes on which ones to avoid, as well as some of the finest Latin beer adverts (& girls).

Brahma - from Brazil, has to be my favourite. It’s a great, smooth beer, and the bottle is even shaped like a curvy Brazilian girl. Here’s an ad for Brahma:

Brhama - a Brazilian Beer
Brahma is a Brazilian Beer - is that a lepricorn or a fly with the girls?

Corona - from Mexico, is Latin America’s most widely exported beer. It’s light and smooth, and tastes best with a sliced lemon forced into the bottle.

Sol - also from Mexico, is another favourite of mine. It’s light and doesn’t have much taste, but the bottles are often enormous, and it goes down so fast it’s like your drinking water. Other great Mexican beers worth trying include Dos Equis, and Modelo.

Sol, A Mexican Beer, ideal for those sunny beaches
Mexican beer Sol - ideal for a sunny day on those fine Mexican beaches!

Cusquena - is Peru’s finest beer. It’s certainly better than all the other Peruvian beers with a clean and crisp taste. I recently saw it in my local supermarket in London (marketed as “The Gold of the Incas”), but it seems the Cusquena we import to the UK tastes much worse (too malty) than the same beer drunk locally in Peru. Maybe I’m imagining it, but I’m certain the beer tasted much better when I was in Peru.

Gallo - Guatemala’s best beer is named after the chicken (Gallo), and if my 10 year old memory serves me right, it’s pretty decent quality, comes in enormous bottles and is filthy cheap.

Gallo is from Guatemala
Guatemala’s girls aren’t all like this take note!

Polar - is Venezuela’s most well known beer. The bottles are a little small, but the beer is decent and smooth, if not a little light. They also have a fantastic marketing campaign. Think about it - polar bears in Venezuala? No it’s Polar Beer! How do you advertise that? Like everything in Venezuela! With stunning Venezuelan girls of course!

Polar Beer - not Polar Bear!
Venezuela Beer adverts, above & below.

Beer of Venezuela

More Beer of Venezuela
Bus travel in Venezuela? It’s not quite so glamourous in reality.

Aguila - Colombia has many beers, and while most people prefer Club Colombia, I found it a little too heavy, and decided that Aguila was my beer of choice in Colombia.

Aguila, from Colombia
Hard to say no to a Colombian (beer)…

So that would be my personal selection of Latin America’s best beers. I’d say the worst in Belize’s Belikin beer, which should be banned it’s so awful. Other’s I think are rubbish but far too widespread include Pilsener in Ecuador, and Salta beer in Argentina.

I’ll end this article with the most ridiculous beer advert I found, that of Nova Schin, a Brazilian beer:

Nova Schin, Brazil
Nova Schin - only Brazil could get away with an ad like this!

Do drop some beer comments in if you’ve anything to add to the list!

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  1. Your posts have been accompanied by some especially compelling pictures lately. I just did a poll on Mexican beers and Negra Modelo won. (I like Corona the best).

    The poll is here:

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