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Peru for Less - based in US but with additional offices in Lima, Cuzco and Buenos Aires. A top notch tour operator offering trips and vacation packages to Peru and destinations throughout including Machu Picchu, the Amazon and more. Luxury and group tours are also offered, and they can even include Galapagos Islands add ons..

Peru is probably the most commonly visited travel destination in South America. There's so many travel highlights it's understandable why. The Inca Ruins of Machu Picchu are the most popualr reason to visit. Nearby Cuzco is rich is culture and history and offers many excursions the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Lake Titicaca is the highest navigable lake in the world and offers a scenic route in Bolivia. The Colca Canyon offers dramatic scenery great for hiking, or spotting Condors and is accessible from the nearby colonial town oif Arequipa. The Nazca lines - images etched into the deserts centuries ago - remain a mystery.

Peru also has some fantastic luxury rainforest lodges - both near Iquitos in the North, and Puerto Maldonado, which is a short flight from Cuzco. The Amazon region offers great wildlife viewing holidays, and birdwatching. Lima has an interesting colonial quarter, plus great restuarants and nightlife. Northern Peru is often overlooked by visitors, thought there is some amazing trekking, more stunning ruins and jungle lodges near Iquitos. Allow a month to see the best travel highlights of Peru.

Machu Picchu:
Machu Picchu Peru
Peru's Machu Picchu Inca ruins are a real travel highlight.

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