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Vietnam is a fascinating travel destination rapidly opening up to the world. The breathtaking scenery, fantastic beaches, excellent cuisine, fascinating culture and friendly locals all make for excellent tours. The Vietnam government sees travel and tourism as a major source of potential revenue - as such, the travel industry and infrastructure is developing rapidly, with new luxury hotels appearing by the month. Travel to Vietnam before it's spoilt!

Travel Highlights

Vietnam tours should ideally last two to three weeks to see all the real highlights. It's best to catch a flight into Hanoi, and return from Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), or vice versa, and travel the length of the country. Vietnam's travel highlights, from North to South, include:

Sapa: 400 km northwest of the capital Hanoi, tours to Sapa are based around the beautiful scenery that is excellent for trekking vacations, and the interesting local hill tribes and markets. The highest mountain in Indochina, Fansipan, can be climbed from Sapa for those interested in mountaineering.

Hanoi: Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam, and is an interesting place to stay for a few nights. Tours to the mausoleum of Ho Chi Minh, around the old quarter and to Bat Trang can be booked locally. A stay in Hanoi is interesting to experience the way of life and culture of Vietnam. There are numerous luxury hotels in the capital city.

Halong Bay: Travel west from Hanoi to Haiphong and Halong Bay to experience some of Vietnam's most beautiful beaches and scenery. Halong Bay consists and many small limestone islands jutting spectacularly out of the sea. The beaches here are great - just hope for good weather if you visit Halong Bay!

Hue: Travel South to Hue, a fascinating imperial city that will appeal especially to those interested in Vietnam's history. There are various historic sights to be visited -one can arrange tours locally. Lang Co is a nearby fishing village that can also be visited.

Danang: travel South from Hue to Danang, along the beautiful coastal roads, where one can visit the Cham Museum. There are many great beach resorts and hotels nearby.

Hoi An - a little further further South, all Vietnam tours should visit Hoi An. The fascianting mix of cultures makes this small city a great place to relax ans soak up the Vietnamese atmosphere for a few nights. There are numerous cultural sites to see on your vacation in Hoi An. Just to the south of Hoi An are the interesting Hindu temples of My Son. Between Hoi An and Danang tourists can choose from a range of beach resorts and luxury hotels.

Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon): Saigon used to be the capital of South Vietnam until the Vietnam war ended and the country was united. Saigon is a bustling but fascinating city to explore, with numerous markets, museums and temples to visit. There are great restaurants and excellent hotels in Ho Chi Minh City. There are also beach resorts nearby on the coast.

Mekong Delta: travel west from Ho Chi Minh City to the Mekong Delta, the best place to experience rural Vietnam. Tours of the Mekong delta are best done by boat.

Vietnam's beaches: along the entire coastline of Vietnam there are numerous beach resorts to suit a range of budgets. Almost anywhere along the way on your travels, you will find a great beach good for relaxation on your vacation. Other than Halong bay (mentioned earlier), other good beach vacation options include Na Trang, Mui Ne and Ha tien.

Flights: Airlines that fly to Vietnam

A huge range of airlines offer cheap flights to Vietnam. Many flights are direct to Vietnam, while other tickets are via nearby travel hubs such as Bankok and Singapore. Vietnam Airlines offers some good value airfares and is the country's national carrier. You might also consider flights with Thai airways, Cathay Pacific, Lufthansa, Air France, British Airways, Delta Airlines, American Airlines or United.

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