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Venezuela's beaches.

Los Roques:
Los Roques
Los Roques, Venezuela.

Venezuela Travel Guide

Venezuela has much to offer on vacations. There's fantastic Caribbean beaches, the highest waterfall in the world, tropical rainforest tours, excellent hiking possibilities and fantastic wildlife viewing tours available to travellers.

Highlights of Venezuela:

Caracas, the capital city of Venezuela has some good museums, particularly the Museum of Contemporary Art, and a vibrant nightlife scene. Other than that, there's very little to see in Caracas. Choose your hotel in Caracas wisely - many parts of the city are far from desirable. Almost all flights to Venezuela are to the capital city - take note that it's a long long journey from the airport to city centre.

On the banks of the Orinoco river, the city of Angostura was renamed Ciudad Bolivar in honour of Simon Bolivar who liberated large parts of South America from Spanish rule. The nearby Orinoco Delta has excellent rainforest tours available.

Los Roques archipelago is a short flight from Caracas. This beautiful archipelago of islands is located 160km north of mainland Caracas. Though growing in popularity, the islands remain quiet and unspoilt, with fantastic beaches and scuba diving available. Los Roques offers dazzling white beaches, turquoise waters and an excellent coral reef – the islands are popular for snorkelling, fishing and sunbathing. There's plenty of flights to Los Roques from Caracas.

Mérida is a relaxed city surrounded by the Andes Mountains including Pico Bolívar, Venezuela's highest peak which can be reached by the highest cable car in the world. Merida has an attractive colonial centre around Plaza Bolívar, a lively university scene, and is a major centre for adventure sports enthusiasts and adventure tours. Trekking, rafting and hiking are popular activities in Merida.

Rio Caribe is a small fishing town at the far eastern tip of Venezuela’s Caribbean coast, with beautiful unspoilt beaches which are a short drive away.

Canaima National Park offers fantastic hiking possibilities and is the gateway for a tour to the magnificient Angel Falls. A little further afield, Roraima offers some of the best trekking in Venezuela - treks amongst the tepuys (flat Table Top mountains) that inspired Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's book the Lost World.

The Llanos area west of Caracas is a wetlands that is excellent for wildlife viewing holidays.

Caracas - Venezuela
Caracas is the capital city.

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Venezuela's beaches

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