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Venezuela's beaches.

Los Roques:
Los Roques
Los Roques, Venezuela.

Beaches in Venezuela:
Venezuela Beaches
Venezuela's beaches - Margarita Island package holidays are often combined with a visit to the Falls.

Angel Falls

Angel Falls are one of the real travel highlights for tours to Venezuela. As the highest in the world, these waterfalls are a truely spectacular sight. To travel to Angel Falls, tourists will need to catch a flight to Canaima National Park and the Gran Sabana Region, itself a beautiful area for trekking tours. There are flights from Caracas, Ciudad Bolivar and Margarita Island (note that most of the flights from Margarita Island are charter flights).

Canaima National Park has one small village that has a few good hotels. To organise a tour to Angel Falls themselves, one can either take a long day tour, or an overnight camping tour, alternatively it is easy to locally book a flight over the Falls.

Consider two important points, both of which concern the weather, when visiting Angel Falls and Canaima National Park. Venezuela's weather often prevents flights over the Falls - if you really want to see them from a plane, consider allowing an extra day in Canaima National Park in case the weather is bad on one of the days. Tourists should also consider that the dry season is from December to April - Angel Falls may just be a trickle during this period, and could prove disappointing for what should be a highlight of a vacation. The best time to visit Angel Falls is therefore in Venezuela's wet season - which peaks between June and August.

Canaima / Angel Falls Hotels

There are a few good small hotels in Canaima National Park that are not far from Angels Falls themselves.

Waku Lodge - the best hotel near Angel Falls, 12 room Waku Lodge is designed in a local style with palm-thatched roofs with public open-plan areas. Included in your stay at this hotel is an excursion on Canaima Lagoon and the Sapa waterfalls (where the film "Last of the Mohicans" was filmed).

Parakaupa Camp - Parakaupa Camp is a pleasant hotel with 15 rooms. The lodge has very relaxing grounds and great views towards Sapa Falls and Canaima Lagoon.

Hoturvensa Camp - Hoturvensa Camp is a hotel complex of 100 rustic chalets that lies behind a lagoon in the National Park of Canaima. The service was poor when we stayed (2006), and the rooms of highly variable standard. However, the location in front of Canaima Lagoon is excellent. This hotel needs refurbishment.

Angel Falls:
Angel Falls, Venezuela
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