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Venezuela's beaches.

Los Roques:
Los Roques
Los Roques, Venezuela.

Venezuela's Beaches

Undoutedly, Venezuela's Caribbean coastline and it's beaches prove a major attraction for those looking for a holiday. The coastline is long, the beaches are often pristine and deserted and offer a wonderful place to relax for a few nights. Popular beach destinations for vacations to Venezuela include Margarita Island, which is all about cheap package holidays, and Los Roques Islands which has small boutique hotels and fine beaches. Margarita Island is the most popular of these beach destinations, with regular charter flights from a variety of destinations. A good alternative on the mainland are the beaches around Rio Caribe.

Rio Caribe Beaches & Hotels

Rio Caribe is a remote but idyllic beach destination. It's very uncrowded, except during Venezuela's vacation season when it can get quite busy.

Hacienda Bukare - a small hotel with just four rooms, Hacienda Bukare is a family-run hacienda and cocoa plantation. This hotel is 10km from Rio Caribe, and 30 minutes from the airport at Carupano. The area is quite remote and undeveloped - you could have the beaches all to yourself. Numerous tours such as hiking in the rainforest can be arranged.

Playa De Uva Hotel - a rustic beach hideaway located behind a beautiful stretch of palm-fringed beach, 5km from the fishing village of Rio Caribe. Playa de Uva is a good spot for birdwatching in addition to beach vacations in Venezuela. There are various lovely beaches nearby.

Playa Medina - very simple but remote and idyllic rustic beach chalets set behind the palm-fringed Playa Medina Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Venezuela. It's pretty off the beaten track but great for a relaxing wind-down type vacation.


Beaches of Margarita Island:

Venezuala Beaches
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