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Venezuela's beaches.

Los Roques:
Los Roques, Venezuela
Los Roques, Venezuela.

Los Roques

Los Roques are a beautiful set of islands in Venezuela's Caribbean, and a short flight from Caracas. There are only a dozen or so small boutique hotels on Los Roques Island, most of which are owned by Italians. These islands have beautiful beaches (though very little shade), and are likely to remain undeveloped as tourism is strictly controlled. Los Roques makes a perfect place to relax on the beach. Scuba diving, fishing, windsurfing and kite surfing are popular vacation activities in Los Roques, in addition to sunbathing on the excellent beaches. Taking a boat tour of the islands is recommended, as the beaches on the main island of Gran Roque aren't as beautiful as the more remote beaches.

Los Roques Hotels

There aren't many hotels in Los Roques. As building new hotels is very strictly controlled, the small hotels (or posadas) that are present are rather expensive considering the standard of the accommodation, which is generally good but nowhere near luxury.

Posada Macanao - This charming posada is located on Gran Roque, the main island of the archipelago of Los Roques. In our opinion it's the best hotel in Los Roques in terms of both it's beach front location and the standard of the hotel.

Posada Piano y Papaya - a friendly small hotel, which is good value compared to many of the other hotels on the islands of Los Roques. This is a high quality hotel, meals are taken communally with other guests.

Posada Mediterraneo - the best hotel if you're going to Los Roques for it's fishing - namely bone fishing. This hotel is geared towards those on a fishing vacation, though it's suitable for all.

Other good hotels in Los Roques in Venezuela that are worth mentioning include Posada Albacora, Posada Malibu and Posada Natura Viva Fuerte Caribe.

Flights to Los Roques

There are quite a few flights every day from Los Roques to Caracas, and it is quite easy to connect with your international departure flight. Airlines change schedules regularly, but you might find flights to Los Roques with Santa Barbara Airlines, Avior Airlines, Aserca or Conviasa. The flight from Caracas to Los Roques takes less than an hour.


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