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Great Wall of China

Beijing & the Forbidden City

The traditional home of China's emperor, Beijing's most frequently visited tourism spot is the fantastic imperial palace at the Forbidden City.

Beijing: The Forbidden City, Tianamen Square
Photo of Beijing's Forbidden City.

Visit Beijing in Style

The Forbidden City is found in Beijing's old walled district in the centre of the city - the area makes for a fascinating days tour.

But where should you stay in Beijing if you're looking for a really special hotel? For a truely grand and traditional options that feels full of history, consider the Lusong Yuan Binguan. If that all feels a little too much for you, the Jianguo Hotel is a little more relaxing and informal, though none-the-less one of the best hotels in Beijing. Business travellers invaribaly head to China World Hotel, while those with a family might find the Kerry Centre Hotel best.

Tips for Travelling Onwards

China is enormous in size - you'll only see a very small percentage of the country unless you have months free to travel. While the Forbidden City and Beijing are the top tourism destination in the country, elsewhere can be decidely off the beaten track. Try to narrow down the regions you visit on your vacation to China.

Shanghai - China's biggest city, it's commercial hub with fine riverside scenery.

Guilin - offers some amazing mountainous scenery.

Hangzhou - is the centre of the silk trade, and a wonderfully beautiful city.

Suzhou - is known as the Venice of China, due to it's wonderful ambience and canals in the city.

The Great Wall of China - the only man-made structure visible from space, the Great Wall is both a beautiful and historic site to visit.

Hainan Island - has some of China's best beaches, and some lovely upmarket beach resorts in addition.

The list could go on and on - China really is full of so many travel attractions - others might include Tibet, the Silk Road and Hong Kong.

China - Beaches
China does have some remarkably good beaches - head to Hainan... Travel Guides & Tips for Vacation Planning - All rights reserved.