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The Grand Canyon

One of the USA's top tourism attractions, found in Arizona is the Grand Canyon. The National Park is a UNESCO world heritage site that can get a little too overcrowded in the summer months unless you head deep into the park. It's all about the great outdoors and amazing mountainous canyon scenery - a visit to the Grand Canyon really is a must if possible - try to check out the skywalk.

Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon picture.

Visit The Grand Canyon in Style

It's easy to visit by car, but the adventurous should travel by horse and camp in the canyon itself. The Park is full of hiking and walking trails, and there's also options for white water rafting. Those who prefer their creature comforts and luxury can find a range of suitable hotels along both the North and South Rims, or at nearby Tusayan.

Getting There

You'll need to choose whether you visit the North Rim or South Rim - major highways lead to both. Nearby airports are at both Las Vegas and Phoenix. Private tours often use the Grand Canyon National Park Airport - the most convenient option of all.

Tips for Travelling Onwards

There's other nearby National Parks in addition to the Grand Canyon, such as Bryce Canyon and Zion. Las Vegas is very nearby, alternatively head to the Rockies, or Californian cities such as San Francisco and Los Angeles. Travel Guides & Tips for Vacation Planning - All rights reserved.