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Las Vegas

Sin City is all about fantasy like surrealism, entertainment, spoiling yourself and wasting away money in casinos. It's a glamourous tourism destination found in the middle of the desert in Nevada, USA. If only to understand what all the fuss is about, everyone at some stage should visit Las Vegas.

Las Vegas
Las Vegas at night photo.

Las Vegas in Style

Don't expect it to be cheap - indeed don't travel to Las Vegas if you've a tight budget. It's all about splashing out - and there's dozens of ways to indulge yourself in a city that specializes in taking as much of your money as it can possibly get its hands on.

So what are the most extravagant, best hotels in Las Vegas? The Four Seasons is certainly one of the best known luxury resorts in Las Vegas, but if you prefer a little more peace and quiet, consider the Ritz Carlton which is just out of town. If you're a fan of swimming pools, Mandalay Bay has to be seen to be believed, while those that prefer the trendiest option available should head to Palms Casino Resort. If you want to stay on the Strip itself, Wynn Las Vegas could be a winner for you.

Tips for Travelling Onwards

The Grand Canyon is a short drive away, or you could consider heading to California - Los Angeles and San Francisco are both equallly fasinating cities.

Las Vegas  - The Strip
Las Vegas - the Strip is full of casinos, many of them full of stunners encouraging you to gamble and flash your cash. Travel Guides & Tips for Vacation Planning - All rights reserved.