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St Petersberg

St Petersberg

Formerly known as Petrograd, this is Russia's second largest city and top tourism attraction. Founded by Peter the Great, fantastic, grand old buildings and monuments now characterise St Petersburg.

St Petersberg, Russia
St Petersburg, Russia.

Visit Saint Petersburg in Style

It's all about palaces such as the Winter Palace, Menshikov's Palace and the Mikhail Palace - try to visit as many as possible. Opera and ballet are big draws too.

Where to stay? What are the best hotels in St Petersberg? Consider either the Grand Hotel Europe, Corinthia Nevsky Palace or the Astoria.

Getting There

Remember that visa requirements can be tricky - so you'll need to plan your vacation to Russia well in advance.

St Petersberg is served by most major European airlines, and a handful of the budget carriers now fly there to. It's a long flight from Europe remember - as such flights are not as cheap as to closer cultural destinations.

Tips for Travelling Onwards

Travel by either train or flight East to Moscow to experience more Russian grandeur and culture. Alternatively, the Baltic states are within easy reach of St Petersburg - consider a trip to Talinn (Estonia) or Riga (Latvia). Travel Guides & Tips for Vacation Planning - All rights reserved.